Hair salon San Diego | Hair salon 92129 | Billy Haircut Place

Address: 9923 Carmel Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: 858-484-0686


Price List

Blow dry/iron$16.00
Haircut (boys) (7 yrs and younger)$10.00
Style cuts men$11.00
Flat top$15.00
Military men haircut$9.00
Style cuts women$15.00
Style cuts (girls) (12 yrs and younger)$14.00
Bob cuts women not include iron or shampoo$23.00
Shampoo set$16.00

Men Services

Style cuts (Men) include shampoo$13.00
Color only$28.00
Color & H/C$36.00
Men beard color only$10.00
Beard trim$6.00
Buzz cut use  #2$11.00
Buzz cut use  #1$9.00
Back Shave clipper$16.00

Women Services

Women t/up or new color only$35.00
(Shoulder length): 
  T/up or new color  & H/C$46.00
  Partial color only no H/C$31.00
  Partial color  & H/C$42.00
Color & haircut (bob)$55.00
  (Shoulder length if B/D) 
Color & haircut$57.00
  (Shoulder length if iron) 

Weave foil shoulder length

T/up or new no H/C$56.00
T/up or new & H/C$69.00
Weave partial no H/C$41.00
Weave partial & H/C$54.00

Perm senior shoulder length

60 yrs perm only$45.00
60 yrs perm & H/C$57.00
Not senior  perm only$47.00
Not senior perm & H/C$59.00
Deep conditioner (under dryer)$9.00 +
Shampoo women$4.00 +
Shampoo men$3.00

Any women hair longer than shoulder
length add $1 for every inches of each service

$5 per poil over $40 become partial (1/2 head) $40

Highlights men$43.00
 Incl H/C cap 
Highlights women$53.00
 Incl H/C cap 
Highlights women$42.00
 No H/C cap 
Women updo$36.00 +

10% will be added on all
total service cost for thick hair.


Lip (upper)$7.00
Basic facial$40.00+
Full face$40.00+
Under arm$17.00
Half arm$25.00+
Full arm$35.00+
Full back$40.00+
Half leg$35.00+
Full leg$50.00+
Bikini $27.00+